Repetoire and sources

15th century
There are French, Burgundian and Italian sources. We have studied Guglielmo Ebreo of Pesaro, Domenico da Piaceriza and Lorenzo di Medici.

The dances are Guglielmo: Colonese, Daphnes, Alessandresca, Pellegrina, Rostiboli gioioso, Belriguardo, Mercantia, Petit riense and Pizocara.
Lorenzo di Medici: Venus, Lauro
Domenico: Gelosia.

16th century
Sources are Italian dancing masters Caroso and Negri. Arbeau (French dancing master) and the Inns of Court.

The dance forms are pavan, galliard, tordion, canary, volta, coranto and bransle.

Some of the dances are Bassa Pompilia, Lauro Suave, Spangoletta, Caccia d'Amore, Austria Felice, Gagliardia Helena, Contentezza d'Amore, and Barriera.

Pease bransle, Horses' bransle, Scottish bransle, Hermits' bransle, Maltese bransle, Bransle de l'official, Bransle de la Hay, Bransle Montarde, Bransle Charlotte and Buffons from Arbeau.

17th century
Our sources for this period: 1st Edition of Playford and early French manuscripts.

Cuckolds all a row, Parsons farewell, Upon a summer's day, Picking of sticks, Lull me beyond thee, Row well ye mariners, Step stately, Gathering peascods, Heart's ease, Nonesuch, Kettle drum, Hide Parke and Rufty tufty

These are the current dances, we are always adding to them to provide variety to tax the body and mind.

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