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Programme for 2015

1.30 pm - arrive
3.30 - 3.45 pm - tea
5.30 pm - finish

Make cheque payable to ALISONEDE
Club afternoon 5.00
Afternoon course 8.00

Annual subscription to cover all events,
(Christmas party, Early Dance
Festival & subsidies for Pastime booking
at other events) 90.00 payable in January

RAIL - Chelsfield or Bromley South. Let us know when you expect to get to the station and we will arrange to meet you.

CAR - M25 Exit 4 follow A224 towards Orpington and look for signs to Chelsfield after 2 miles. NB the hall is on your right although the village is on both sides of the A224.

Alison Ede
Telephone 01322 553094
email: or email: Juanita Grout

10 January Club Afternoon 6 June Club Afternoon
24 January Club Afternoon 20 June Club Afternoon
30 Jan/1 Feb Candlemas at Halsway Manor
DHDS event
4 July Club Afternoon
7 February Club Afternoon 18 July Club Afternoon
7/8 February Mary Collins weekend, Hurst
Village Hall. Renaissance Footnotes
26 July/2 Aug DHDS Summer School
Regency Summer School
27 February EDC Annual Lecture
Rublack (Renaissance taylor)
21/30 Aug Pastime Summer School
Richelieu, France
7 March Tutor: Robin Benie
Caroso and Negri
5 September Club Afternoon
21/22 March DHDS Confrence
19 September Club Afternoon
28 March Club Afternoon 10 October Club Afternoon
11 April Tutor: Robin Benie
Caroso and Negri
23/25 October Early Dance Festival
Beacham Cliff School, Bath
18/19 April Jorgen w/e
Meal at Five Bells
30 October Club Afternoon
1/4 May Eastbourne Int. Festival
Contretemps Early Dance

7 November Jackie Marshal
2 May Club Afternoon 21 November Club Afternoon
16 May Herts May Revels 5 December Preparation for Christmas Party
23 May Club Afternoon 19 December Christmas Party
30 May AGM at Holmsdale Rd    


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